Portable power plays

The portable power sector has seen some significant developments including a major player changing its global branding and a new product launch
August 4, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
Doosan Bobcat says bringing portable power into the Bobcat portfolio will enable further expansion in this business line
Doosan Bobcat says bringing portable power into the Bobcat portfolio will enable further expansion in this business line

Doosan Group-owned Doosan Bobcat has announced its global branding strategy which will see Doosan Portable Power (DPP) - a global manufacturer of air compressors, mobile generators and light towers - rebranded under the Bobcat brand.

Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV), a supplier of quality material-handling equipment, including forklifts, will also be moved to the Bobcat brand.

“Bobcat is an iconic brand that changed the world with the invention of the compact equipment industry, and we are excited to unleash the brand in bold, new ways,” said Scott Park, Doosan Bobcat CEO & vice chairman. “Doosan Portable Power and Doosan Industrial Vehicle have long legacies of developing high-quality products. Bringing these strong Doosan brands into the Bobcat portfolio allows us to further expand these business lines, while also growing our overall Doosan Bobcat business and providing even more solutions to help our customers accomplish more.”

The rebranding of the portable power and industrial vehicle equipment lines — two key business areas for Bobcat — is intended to further strengthen overall brand equity, market recognition and consumer recall of all product offerings. The transition will create a cohesive customer experience and grow the organisation’s footprint, thus making the brand accessible to more customers and in more places.  

Bobcat has broadened its product portfolio significantly within the past five years, launching more machines during this period than previously in its entire history. Doosan Bobcat says the Bobcat brand has successfully expanded its offerings with new technologies and innovations and expanded product lines, such as ground-maintenance equipment, which includes compact tractors, small articulated loaders, mowers and turf equipment.  

“The Bobcat brand empowers ambitious and passionate groundbreakers to accomplish more," said Laura Ness Owens, Doosan Bobcat vice president of global brand. "Across the globe, big challenges get smaller because of our equipment; from breaking down walls to building up communities, we’re proud to provide people with what they need to be successful in their endeavours.

"By expanding the Bobcat brand to the portable power and industrial vehicle industries, Bobcat can help even more customers, in more ways than ever.”

Caterpillar’s new XQ330 mobile diesel generator set

With this refreshed identity, the DPP and DIV product lines will, respectively, undergo design and aesthetic changes in alignment with current Bobcat branding.

The rebranded products were displayed at key global trade shows in March and April 2023: DPP displayed a portion of its product line-up rebranded in Bobcat trade livery at the CONEXPO 2023 fair in Las Vegas, 14-18 March. DIV also showcased rebranded Bobcat forklifts as part of the in-booth display at ProMat 2023 in Chicago, 20-23 March, as well as at LogiMAT in Germany, 25-27 April.

Bobcat-branded material-handling equipment and portable power products are expected to be available through Doosan Bobcat’s extensive, global dealer network at a later date. Bobcat and these rebranded product lines will proudly remain part of the broader Doosan Group portfolio.

Caterpillar has introduced the Cat XQ330 mobile diesel generator set, a new power solution for standby and prime power applications that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Powered by the efficient Cat C9.3B diesel engine, the XQ330 is rated for up to 288 kW in standby and 264 kW in prime operation at 60 Hz, and up to 341 kVA in standby and 310 kVA in prime power applications at 50 Hz.

Engineered to operate at lower noise levels than competitive offerings, the XQ330 packages essential components in a weather-resistant enclosure that streamlines transport, deployment, and maintenance while offering exceptional sound attenuation. It is also equipped with numerous rental-ready features, including a block heater, battery charger, permanent magnet generator (PMG), switchable voltage outputs, and optional mounting on a trailer.

The XQ330 is equipped with the EMCP 4.4 digital control panel, which provides all generator-set controls and system indicators in a single, easy-to-access interface, as well as a programmable logic controller (PLC) functionality that improves reliability and flexibility for accommodating changes in processes or application requirements. Additionally, it includes fully featured power metering, protective relaying, engine, and generator parameter viewing.

It is equipped with Cat Connect technology to remotely track and manage the generator set and improve operational efficiency. The telematics send real-time information on fuel level, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) level, battery voltage, and run status. Connected assets support peak operation with timely insights that help customers better control costs, improve performance, and reduce risks.

Cat diesel mobile generator sets meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final standards can use up to 100% hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), a renewable diesel fuel meeting EN15940.

“Caterpillar has built a reputation for offering customers mobile power solutions with exceptional versatility, and the Cat XQ330 is equipped with a wide range of easy-to-operate features designed for numerous applications while meeting stringent emissions standards,” said Tom Caldwell, global general manager for electric-power rental solutions at Caterpillar.

The Atlas Copco B-Air 185-12 battery-driven portable screw compressor

Atlas Copco has unveiled its first battery-driven portable screw compressor. The manufacturer says the B-Air 185-12 represents a major milestone in the company's roadmap towards a sustainable future.

“We are committed to accelerating the transition away from carbon-dependency and towards renewable energy sources,” explains Maarten Vermeiren, product marketing manager of sustainability and digitalisation at Atlas Copco's Portable Air Division. “By introducing the first battery portable screw compressor, we want to play our part in enabling a sustainable transformation and help build a better tomorrow – for society and the planet alike.”

The B-Air 185-12 features 5-12 bar of pressure, a stable flow rate of 5.4-3.7 m3/min and 55-kWh battery storage capacity. With power delivered from its onboard power pack, in operation a fully charged unit is independent of the need for fuel or a local power source to plug into, and has the capability to perform for up to a full typical work shift. In turn, it provides both portability and productivity for those working on sites where regular access to electricity is not practical.

Atlas Copco says that making the switch from an internal combustion engine (ICE) to electric motor brings with it a host of benefits, including less downtime and maintenance requirements. Due to having far fewer moving (and therefore wearing) parts compared to a diesel-powered unit, the electric B-Air 185-12 only needs to be serviced every 2,000 hours, as opposed to 500 hours for a typical ICE -powered unit. The machine’s state-of-the-art Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and permanent magnet motor drives down the total cost of ownership, automatically adjusting the motor speed to match air demand in real time and increasing energy efficiency by up to 70%.

Through Atlas Copco’s testing process, which includes rapid-ageing testing under harsh conditions and climatic-chamber testing, the B-Air 185-12 has been proven to perform optimally even in the most extreme of climatic conditions – ranging from +45°C (+113°F) to a glacial -25°C (-13°F); and 4,500 metres (14,764 ft) above sea level. The unit is also designed to excel in densely populated urban areas where emission and noise pollution are tightly restricted, thanks to it producing no local emissions and having low noise levels. The quiet nature of the compressor enables operators to work without noise distraction, enhancing both productivity and safety.

The B-Air 185-12 was first unveiled at the recent Atlas Copco’s ‘Journey to a Sustainable Future’ event in Antwerp, Belgium. Here, the company gathered senior business leaders from across the industry to discuss how best to tackle the transformation to a climate-friendly, low-carbon future. The company says its new battery-powered unit marks a vital step in the electrification of its product offering, and is just one of many developments it currently has in store to deliver sustainable solutions to its customers.

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