ABB smart sensors for Dodge gear reducers

ABB Ability Smart Sensors provide wireless condition monitoring for Dodge gear reducers delivering information that can prevent unexpected downtime and extend equipment life.
June 8, 2020
ABB smart sensors provide real-time health
ABB smart sensors provide real-time health information for Dodge gear reducers

The ABB Ability Digital Powertrain concept has now been extended to cover Dodge gear reducers fitted with the smart sensor for mechanical products. The Digital Powertrain enables real-time health monitoring of all the critical elements in industrial processes, such as drives, motors, pumps, bearings and gearing. Immediate access to this key data enables operators to maintain optimal conditions for maximum productivity and safety.

Dodge gear reducers provide an enclosed gear train between a motor and the machinery it is driving. They enable the output speed to be reduced while increasing torque. This is a vital function on a variety of industrial equipment, including the bulk material handling conveyors typically found in the aggregate, cement and mining industries. Fitting the gear reducers with the smart sensor for mechanical products provides an early indicator of any potential problems by collecting vibration and temperature information.

The smart sensor is easily mounted on the gear reducer and communicates wirelessly via a smartphone or other device. This capability keeps employees safe by enabling easy, remote monitoring for equipment installed in hard to reach and potentially hazardous areas.


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