Efficient Load Out: the digital solution revolutionising mass excavation projects

Efficient Load Out is a digital solution which connects machine operators, truck drivers and site managers in real-time to maximise the profitability and sustainability of mass excavation projects
November 15, 2021
Volvo CE1


In mass excavation, every load is vital and even the smallest disruptions can add up. Efficient Load Out has the potential to dramatically improve the efficiency of the load out process and optimise payload on every cycle.

Robert Nilsson, Efficient Load Out Service Owner at Volvo Construction Equipment, explained: “Optimising the operational efficiency of the load out process not only improves profitability but also enhances safety and reduces the environmental impact of projects. Efficient Load Out is the perfect solution for projects where large amounts of material are being moved.”

Connecting all stakeholders

A user-friendly interface connects all parties in the loading process, from the jobsite to the site office, regardless of the brand of equipment they use.

Before arriving on site, truck drivers register their vehicle in the Efficient Load Out app using the license plate number and maximum payload. Logging into the same system, machine operators can see a list of trucks waiting to be loaded and can ‘call’ an available truck at the press of a button. Once filled to optimal payload, the weight and type of material is registered on the system before the truck is dispatched with a digital receipt.

In the project management office, all input is presented in a live dashboard with summarised production reports available.

Loaded with benefits

With a 95% - 99% fill rate on each pass, Efficient Load Out helps customers to reduce the number of truck passes, the amount of on-site traffic and CO₂ emissions. Handover of receipts between machine operators and trucks drivers is digitised and can be done from the comfort and convenience of the cab.

In the office, Efficient Load Out eliminates the paperwork associated with load out, improving accuracy and reducing administration time and resource. The site office also benefits from real-time production information, facilitating better planning and more accurate decision making. Information can be accessed by all stakeholders, helping to strengthen collaboration and communication.

A proven solution

Launched in 2019, Efficient Load Out was developed in partnership with Swedish contractor, NCC, to optimise excavation works for an underground tunnel and bridge over the E6 motorway in Gothenburg.

Three excavators and over 20 trucks – connected via Efficient Load Out - removed over 2 million tonnes of material. Across the first 12 months, site traffic was reduced by 10%, equating to 1600 less truck journeys and 32000 liters less fuel consumed. CO2 emissions were reduced by 85 tonnes and NCC received no overload fines. Savings equated to €100,000, with a further €200,000 saved on administrative staff.

Getting started

Building on its experience working with NCC, Volvo Construction Equipment is keen to roll out the benefits of Efficient Load Out to more customers throughout the world.

To find out more about Efficient Load Out click here or email efficientloadout@volvo.com

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