Hidromek unveils HMK 635 WL wheeled loader

Hidromek’s new HMK 635 WL wheeled loader is said to shorten cycle times and increase productivity
July 20, 2021
Hidromek’s new HMK 635 WL wheeled loader
Hidromek’s new HMK 635 WL wheeled loader

The HMK 635 WL offers high breakout power and excellent control capability in severe working areas such as quarries and concrete plant sites.

Being environmentally friendly and productive with its Stage-5 engine with 210kW and 1200Nm torque, the highly durable HMK 635 WL also has a standard operating weight of 20.6 tonnes and 3.5m² bucket capacity. It saves fuel under all conditions owing to the high torque it provides, even at low rpms.

HMK 635 WL has five forward and three reverse powershift transmission and shifting gears. The machine’s TIPSHIFT function enables the loader to change direction quickly by pressing a single key without using the gear lever when the machine moves forward or backwards while loading. Hidromek says this increases productivity and ensures safe operation without losing control of the steering.

The HMK 635 WL provides easy usage with its high manoeuvrability while working in narrow areas due to its articulation angle of 40° and allows works to be completed quickly.

Meanwhile, the HMK 635 WL’s panoramic cab provides a wide field of vision and excellent insulation against noise. Furthermore, features such as heated, adjustable, air suspension operator seat, fully automatic air conditioning system, versatile holder, kickdown button for downshifting and touch control panel offer a comfortable working environment for the operator.

Easy access to service points on the machine from ground level enables the HMK 635 WL’s fuelling up and battery maintenance operations to be performed easily. The cab may be manually tilted to 35° with a jack, and the bonnet may be tilted to 80° with the aid of an electric actuator, making access to the engine assembly easier.

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