Intercomp aids vehicle weight compliance

Intercomp is offering on-site weight monitoring for heavy vehicles such as excavators, that assists operators and their clients in meeting increasingly onerous transport regulations.
October 12, 2020
The weighing scale for Intercomp’s LS630-WIM system
The weighing scale for Intercomp’s LS630-WIM system

The company says its LS630-WIM Portable Weigh-In-Motion system provides a quick deployment time, increased efficiency while weighing vehicles and the flexibility to set up weighing locations where full-length systems cannot fit.

Australia-based Fleet Plant Hire needed a weighing solution due to its involvement in the Metro Tunnel project to expand rail access for Melbourne and its surrounding communities. It has ordered several LS630-WIM systems to ensure road haulage vehicles loaded with excavated material leaving Metro Tunnel sites are within legal weight limits.

For Fleet Plant Hire to be part of the project, government planners stipulated it must follow all relevant heavy-vehicle regulations, including the stringent new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) law which holds organisations that utilise or contract commercial vehicles responsible for any breaches of road transport law.

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