Intercomp launches test stand for wheel load scales

Intercomp has the CSP portable test stand as part of its complete line of test and calibration equipment.
February 9, 2022
The new Intercomp portable test stand
The new Intercomp portable test stand

US-based Intercomp, a manufacturer of fixed and portable vehicle weighing and measurement products, says the stand is optimised for mobility and can be transported using integrated forklift pockets and can be set up on any flat, level surface, such as a floor or truck bed.

Specifically designed for wheel load scales, the size is designed to provide users with an economical and flexible solution for locations with limited space or for bringing to job sites or locations where a large number of scales are stored.

With a capacity of 13,600kg and a test platform area of 787mm x 1219mm, the press is capable of calibrating a wide range of Intercomp’s single- and dual-tyre portable wheel load scales.The high-speed hand pump uses standard hydraulic fluid and features two speeds. The high-quality hydraulics offer long-term stability of applied loads and parameters for the prevention of overloading.

Intercomp says the portable calibration system “presents calibration labs with a cost-effective, easy-to-manoeuvre mobile test stand for portable wheel load scales”.

The company also offers factory calibration services year-round that can be arranged by calling its service department.

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