Schwing unveils truck-mounted concrete pump duo

The S 56 SXF is the significantly lighter and modern replacement for the tried-and-tested S 55 SX.
February 20, 2023
Schwing unveils truck-mounted concrete pump duo

The new model offers customers freedom in the choice of chassis and engine, as well as a large delivery line, small outrigger width through modern curved outriggers, no restriction in choice of pump battery and no complex conversion of the chassis. The new model is designed to pump large volumes over a long period of time and offers high pumping capacity at low engine speed. The S 56 SXF has a reach height of 55.2 m, a delivery rate of 162 m3/h and a maximum delivery pressure of 85 bar over a five-section boom with roll-folding. The unit’s batteries guarantee an operating time of at least eight hours.

Meanwhile, the new S 51 SX sees Schwing introduce a new, large boom pump characterised by significantly reduced weight. Mounted on a 10x4 EURO 6 chassis, the unit has a typical operating weight of less than 40tonnes due to modern lightweight construction, with sufficient reserve for additional equipment and payloads.

Operation and registration of the machine are significantly simplified, and fuel consumption is reduced. The combined Roll-Z-Fold boom with 235° and 230° rotation angles in the last two mast elements offers maximum mobility for construction sites.

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