SDLG launches LG953 wheeled loader in Indonesia

The new LG953 wheeled loader from Linyi, China-headquartered SDLG is described as an ideal all-purpose machine.
March 26, 2021
SDLG’s LG953 wheeled loader for Indonesian customers
SDLG’s LG953 wheeled loader for Indonesian customers

SDLG launched the LG953 wheeled loader for the Indonesian market at the end of 2020. With its ability to handle tough working conditions and its durable build, this medium-to-long wheelbase wheeled loader is designed for use in the country’s construction sites, factories, ports, quarries, and mines.

“With the growth in construction, mining and manufacturing sectors expected to restart alongside investments in infrastructure, this is a good opportunity for us to release a new model of our trusted loaders,” said Gerrit Lambert, SDLG commercial director in Indonesia. “The LG953 will be a great addition to any job site that requires a powerful and reliable loader that can handle a wide range of materials and conditions.”

The 5-tonne-rated LG953 is powered by a 162kW engine, has a bucket capacity of 2.8m³, a maximum breakout force of 175kN and a tipping load of 110kN. The wheeled loader features a highly efficient Wei Chai Tier 2 Engine and a reliable SDLG F2/R1 planetary power shift transmission.

The LG953 boasts an extensive range of features that makes it an excellent, general-purpose performer for most environments. The new loader features an SDLG special reinforced drive axle said to increase the reliability of transmission and deceleration by 60%. The loader also has an enhanced movable arm and plate that increases the payload deliverable with each movement. With its medium-to-long wheelbase, the loader is able to deal with all kinds of loads, including high-density material such as coal ore, aggregate, wet sand, and minerals. The fast bucket cycle time will increase your production.

The LG953 wheeled loader is made to be easy to operate and maintain. It features an ergonomically redesigned cab design and control box equipped with a wide-vision and low-noise cab and adjustable armrests so that operators can perform at their best. There are a circular fuel gauge and sensor to allow operators to easily check the oil level.

When the loader needs to be repaired or maintained, the machine’s internals can be easily accessed with a rotatable fuel tank and a removable step ladder.

“SDLG wheeled loaders have always been popular in the Indonesian market. The launch of the LG953 in Indonesia demonstrates our continued commitment to providing effective and reliable solutions to the market,” Lambert said.

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