BKT EARTHMAX tyres for Imerys quarry's RDTs

September 7, 2020

Driving a fully-loaded 120-tonne rigid dump truck in a slippery clay quarry. That is Alfie Jones' job every day as he moves the four-wheel giant at the site in Nanpean, Cornwall, south-west England. The quarry is one of the most significant quarries operated by the multinational firm Imerys, among world leaders in the extraction and supply of special materials to industry.

To fit out the Cornish quarry's CAT 775Gs, Imerys opted for a quarry tyre bestseller from BKT, the EARTHMAX SR 45 M, in the 24.00 R 35 size. The company says its choice was due to the unique characteristics of the tyre, which is tailor-made for rigid dumpers which have to move around very muddy environments.