Sweden: CDE plant helping to divert almost 100% of C&D waste from landfill

D.A. Mattsson is a family-run company in operation since 1921 and is now managed by the fourth generation of the Mattsson family. Its primary business is landfill and recycling operations.
June 23, 2020

Before the installation of its state-of-the-art CDE C&D waste recycling wash plant, D.A. Mattsson had traditionally either landfilled incoming inert material or crushed and screened it for low-grade project reuse.

The company saw potential in the market to supply a high-quality washed recycled product for reuse in new construction but needed to invest in wet processing technologies at the site.

Discussing the importance of processing C&D waste material to help preserve the natural resources, D.A. Mattsson plant manager Tommie Thuresson said: "For every tonne we take in and recycle and bring out, we save a tonne of natural resource. We are saving the natural resources we have.

“Some of our recycled products are now the same quality as natural products.”

In collaboration with D.A. Mattsson, CDE designed a highly innovative recycling solution that would effectively process the incoming material to produce high-quality washed construction sand and aggregates but also have the ability to produce specialist sands.

Commenting on this process, Eunan Kelly, head of Business Development for C&D Waste Recycling at CDE explains: "The entire process with D.A. Mattsson has been a very collaborative one. The collaborative CDE approach allowed D.A. Mattsson to get involved in every step of the process, right from the start, and co-create a solution that best fitted their business model."

The new recycling system has incorporated innovative additional organics removal technology which enhances the organics removal from the aggregates and from the sand.

This bespoke wash plant includes CDE's patented R2500 primary scalping screen, a high-energy scalping screen for clay bound material. before the material enters the scrubbing stage with the AggMax 153R logwasher. CDE's patented infinity screens help to dewater and size the materials, while also helping the lightweights removal process.

The M4500 E4 modular wash plant produces a range of washed sands and aggregates, while the addition of the CFCU 200 density separation unit has enabled D.A. Mattsson to produce specialist sports sands. Along with this, the plant includes an EvoWash 71 fine classification system for fine sand production, and the addition of the AquaCycle A1500 thickener and filter press enables up to 95% of the process water to be recycled and re-used back in the washing process.

The installation of this advanced CDE wet processing solution has allowed D.A. Mattsson to supply high-quality washed aggregates to the construction industry as a viable alternative to natural materials. The advanced technology has also enabled the company to win more specialist projects such as a recent golf course sand project, while a range of cake and clays are produced thanks to the sludge management system and filter press.