VIDEO: Cemex UK unveils Porofoam lightweight foamed concretes

Quarry Products / October 20, 2016

Cemex UK has launched Porofoam, a new range of lightweight foamed concretes which offer a range of densities. The new concrete can be produced pre-mixed with a density of as little as 300kg/m³, with other ready-mixed producers in the market producing the lowest density of 800kg/m³.  

The new range is specifically designed for void fill, stabilisation and other light weight applications and can be designed with a density from 300 to 1800+kg/m³ and compressive strengths up to 15N/mm².

One of the first contracts, on behalf of Getjar Ltd, involved the supply of Porofoam 1500 to a site in central London with very limited access. The high consistence, free flowing properties of Porofoam made for easy placement with no compaction required.