VIDEO: Freezing Siberia tests the mettle of Terex Trucks

Loading, Hauling & Excavation / February 23, 2016

RSSIn temperatures that can drop as low as -50°C in winter, six 8080 Terex Trucks TR 100 rigid haulers are helping to keep Russia warm by working 24/7 at Apsatsky open pit coal mine in Siberia.

The mine, 1,700 metres above sea level, is situated in the northern-most point of Zabaykalye Territory, in the Kalarsk region and is owned by Russia’s largest coal producer, SUEK.

Coal power is one of the major sources of energy in Russia, which has among the largest coal reserves in the world, with this region hosting of the country’s biggest discovery.

SUEK provides 41% of Russia’s power industry demand for coal fuel and now produces 600,000 tonnes of coal annually at the Apsatsky mine.

The six Terex Trucks TR 100 rigid haulers based at the mine carry out up to 100 runs a day during their round-the-clock operation, testing their robust design to the limit.

This video looks at their crucial role within SUEK’s Apsatsky mine operation.