Asian customers experience Volvo CE innovations

Almost 60 guests from Asia have attended the Volvo Days customer event – with many more joining online – to discover the latest Volvo CE innovations in electromobility, connectivity, and sustainability.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / July 12, 2022
By Liam McLoughlin
Guests from the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan in front of Volvo’s largest crawler excavator, the EC950F.
Guests from the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan in front of Volvo’s largest crawler excavator, the EC950F.

After a four-year hiatus, Volvo Days returned in June to Volvo CE’s hometown of Eskilstuna, Sweden. The open day event welcomed 700 guests from around the world, including 60 customers, dealers, and Volvo leaders from Asia, to see the latest Volvo CE innovating in sustainability, electromobility, and services through industry-leading solutions. Many more participated online via a virtual platform.

“We really missed meeting customers face-to-face over the last few years," said Tomas Kuta, SVP sales Asia at Volvo CE. "So, we were incredibly excited to bring a group from Asia to our Customer Center in Sweden, where we could show off our pioneering machines, services, and facilities while demonstrating our appreciation for their continuing loyalty and partnership."
Under the theme ‘Change starts here’, Volvo CE used the event to share its purpose-driven message of industry transformation, with particular regard to electromobility, connectivity, and sustainability.

Among the highlights for Asian visitors to Volvo Days were the EC550E, soon to be launched in Asia, which is the industry’s first excavator in its size class to use independent metering value technology instead of a conventional spool-type main control valve, driving new levels of efficiency and controllability.

In addition there was the the 22-tonne EC230 Electric, the first larger excavator to be fully electrified by Volvo, which is currently being tested by selected customers in South Korea.

Connected Map, the new positioning service to be launched in Asia later in 2022, which provides a visualised overview of all machines and vehicles on a site, regardless of the brand, promoting efficiency and productivity improvements.

HX04, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell articulated hauler prototype, which will generate valuable insight into the potential for hydrogen power alongside battery-electric solutions on the road to zero carbon construction.

The R100E rigid hauler, which has a body capacity greater than any competitor model in the 100-tonne class, delivering high productivity and efficiency.

“It was a fun event and great to see the technological advances Volvo is making,” said Yulo Perez from TVI Resource Development Philippines. “It was also clear how robust and reliable the equipment is, and I now have a much better appreciation of the products and the people who make them.”

Jose Oyos from First Balfour in the Philippines added: “My highlight was testing the electric excavators. My favorite was the EC230 Electric and it was useful to understand how we can reduce carbon emissions through electromobility.”

Prapoj Thanasrivanitchai, Thaiwat Engineering, said: “The machine show and test-driving was the highlight for me – I was impressed by the quality and performance. The EC230 Electric was also my favorite machine and the event has left me with a greater understanding of the new technology.”

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