Say hello to more metres per shift with the SmartROC T30 R

Epiroc is introducing the SmartROC T30 R, a powerful surface radio remote drill rig built on the same flagship platform as the new  SmartROC T25 R. The construction and quarrying rig is equipped with the Epiroc Rig Control System (RCS), which enables the highest technology and automation level within the segment. Automated features, together with 19 kW drilling power, an excellent coverage area, and brilliant terrainability, make the T30 R the perfect companion, providing the operator with more drilled meters per shift.    
Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / April 26, 2024
By Guy Woodford
The new Epiroc SmartROC T30 R surface radio remote drill rig. Pic: Epiroc

The New SmartROC T30 R joins its little sister, the SmartROC T25 R, both built on the same flagship platform for surface drill rigs. The powerful model with 19 kW drilling power, developed for construction and quarrying, will provide operators with the highest technology and automation level within its segment, making everyday life easier for them.  

"With impressive drilling power, this rig can approach big and demanding projects with ease. Compared to the versatile little sister SmartROC T25 R with 14 kW, the SmartROC T30 R with its 19 kW can work in additional environments, contributing to expand the options for this flagship platform," said Marcus Leu, Global Product Manager, Epiroc Surface division.

SmartROC T30 R is equipped with RCS hardware and software, facilitating onboard automation solutions. An automated rod handling system allows the addition of drill rods manually or automatically to reach the desired hole depth. This solution supports sustainable and consistent operations and increases average productivity. The RCS also enables access to the Epiroc-developed Hole Navigation System (HNS), which ensures the highest quality of drilled holes and makes your operation much safer and easier. The HNS technology reduces the amount of explosives and improves fuel efficiency, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. 

The SmartROC T30 R offers a 45/45 boom swing that, combined with a 5.7 m boom system, gives the rig a coverage area of 24m². These features are matched with a rotation unit that provides a 360° feed swing and a boom geometry that enables it to drill right next to the machine. This gives the SmartROC T30 R an excellent coverage area. The rig will have the highest efficiency in the segment thanks to its coverage area stability and drilling performance.

A low centre of gravity steel crawler tracks with wide spacing and a boom system with good manoeuvrability give the SmartROC T30 R excellent terrain ability qualities. The well-balanced rig provides the operator with a safe work environment and improved productivity.

"The combination of great terrainability, a large coverage area, and the powerful COP SC19 HF makes the rig outstanding and suitable for managing even the most challenging projects. Together with the Rig Control System, which supports the operation with automation features and helpful drilling logs, the rig can deliver terrific productivity," said Marcus Leu, Global Product Manager, Epiroc Surface division.

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