Chepstow Plant International launches EvoFleet fleet management service

Chepstow Plant International (CPI), a strategic mobile plant supplier that operates within the mineral extractives sector, has unveiled EvoFleet, a new fleet management service, to help its clients become more efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly.
Loading, Hauling & Excavation / December 7, 2020
One of Chepstow Plant International's Caterpillar rigid haulers

Launching next month, at a time when companies are facing restricted and impacted cash-flow in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the service will enable companies to retain capital investment so that they can optimise their assets, develop their staff and drive site efficiencies without tying up vast amounts of working capital.

CPI's experience and expertise within asset management leave it well-placed to deliver potential efficiencies and improvements within client operations. EvoFleet's primary objective is simple: Evolution via Optimisation. This simply means providing the right size machine for the right application and always delivering to a high specification and quality that is purpose-specified for each client's respective requirements.

Not only can this service give companies access to cutting-edge vehicles and equipment - offering enhanced technology, in-cab improvements and increased comfort for operators – but it can also optimise client operations with reduced downtime, greater productivity and carbon offset due to fuel efficiencies. CPI's ability to deliver the optimal asset for each job maximises utilisation alongside reducing fuel burn and the asset's environmental impact.

Commenting on CPI's decision to launch EvoFleet, Ed Hayward, the company's Business Development director, said: "Due to external factors such as Brexit, Covid-19, and now the economic downturn, many companies within our sector are now facing a common challenge - looking for ways to minimise their costs whilst striving to maintain current output levels.

"Our fleet management service represents a tangible solution to this challenge and can offer our customers lower costs and higher outputs while still meeting environmental impact reduction targets. Combined with the financial pressures so many companies are facing right now, the formal launch of this service is the next logical step.

"In launching EvoFleet, we're easing the burden and responsibility of asset management from our clients and placing it firmly into our specialist care. Allowing our customers to outsource their asset requirements means that they can focus their time, money and effort on growing areas of the business where they can add the most value, rather than maintain current operations and have costly or unplanned bills when a major component fails. This includes all variable expenditure such as operators, training and development and of course repair and maintenance.

"As a result, this service will shine a light on what we do best as a business, providing long-term fleet management solutions for the quarrying, mining and material handling sectors and delivering first-class services to our customers."

CPI already provides a similar service for both operated and non-operated supply. Still, EvoFleet has the breakaway distinction in continually providing telemetry data from the assets, alongside detailed asset analysis. What's more, EvoFleet's data flow service provides performance management for CPI's client's operations to help deliver continuous improvement. This, coupled with technology and operator development through in-house accredited training programmes, becomes a safety addition to underpin interdependent behaviour across the sites.

Hayward concluded: "Whilst initial client proposals can seem costly compared to traditional methods, ongoing client reviews continually feedback that sustained performance management, continuous equipment renewal programs and collective engagement is what consistently enhances both profits and cash retention. In the current climate, this is a critical step for us all to make."

Chepstow Plant International's EvoFleet service will officially launch on January 1st 2021. For more details, visit:



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