Tsurumi Pump to put robust engineering on display at World of Concrete 2021

Tsurumi Pump will bring its industry-leading portfolio of quarrying, mining, construction, and tunnelling-suited dewatering and trash pumps to World of Concrete 2021.
Dewatering Pumps / June 7, 2021
By Guy Woodford
Tsurumi Pump will be exhibiting its wide range of dewatering and trash pumps at World of Concrete 2021

The event takes place in Las Vegas, from June 8-10, with seminars and other education programs beginning one day earlier on the 7th. Tsurumi Pump will occupy booth number N2468 in the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Tsurumi’s booth will feature its comprehensive array of top-quality dewatering and trash pumps and a special cutaway display of its HS2.4S electric submersible pump. The pump is designed to tackle water that contains sand and other debris with minimal wear and clogging, making it ideal for many types of application.

By displaying the inner workings of the HS2.4S, Tsurumi will give attendees an in-depth look at the high standard and robust engineering that the company proudly employs throughout its product lines. Its silicon carbide seals, for example, aren’t exposed to the elements like those of other manufacturers. They are sealed in a bath of oil, protecting them from outside heat and moisture, enabling the pumps to handle the aggressive applications found in quarrying, mining, construction, and tunnelling.

Other products at the company’s booth will include:
•            LB-480 and LB-800 electric submersible dewatering pumps
•            LSC1.4S and LSR2.4S electric submersible ground drainage pumps
•            HS2.4S, HSE2.4S and HS3.75S semi-vortex submersible trash pumps
•            TE3-50HA engine-driven centrifugal pump
•            TPG4-6000HDX portable generator

Glenn Wieczorek, managing director of Tsurumi, said: “On a job that requires the constant movement of concrete, such as a tunnelling application, contractors need pumps that won’t immediately fail when abrasives are inevitably introduced,” he said. “Tsurumi pumps are manufactured using high-chrome cast iron impellers, which enables them to handle the punishment caused by moving concrete slurry better than most.”

Along with its pumps, Tsurumi will also have senior personnel present to discuss its products, market strategy, and engineering practices.

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