Dando Drilling International launches Infinity range

UK-based Dando Drilling International (Dando) has launched its new Infinity range of drilling rigs.
Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / July 22, 2021
By Guy Woodford
Well drilled. Pictured from left to right are Mark Jones, MD of Dando Drilling International; Lord-Lieutenant Susan Pyper; and Mark Slater, chairman of Dando Drilling International

The range offers high-quality British engineered drilling rigs for the mineral exploration, water well and geotechnical drilling sectors.

Infinity products use a modular rig design which allows Dando to create bespoke rigs for its clients. The new rigs allow multiple variations, including the mounting, engine size, and various auxiliary equipment options, all at competitive pricing and delivered on an efficient timeline.

Along with the ability to service the key sectors, Dando's Infinity range offers a new series of Multitec rigs which allows customers to service different drilling sectors through the simple change of hydraulic components.

Dando's Infinity drilling rigs were designed with three main principles in mind; versatility, shorter lead times and cost efficiency, while improving safety and reducing environmental impact.

Contractors and companies often need rigs for specific projects with challenging terrains, drilling depths and drilling techniques. Dando's Infinity range is said to be well suited for projects of varying sizes and geographies, providing a one-stop-shop for any drilling needs. The range also includes new Sonic rigs and various rod handling options, further providing customers with the ability to meet their demanding requirements.

Dando Drilling International has unveiled its Infinity drilling rig range
Dando Drilling International has unveiled its Infinity drilling rig range

The Infinity range is designed to allow Dando to take one rig and enhance or fit various components, including mast options, rotary heads, engines, pumps and mounting options. The company also offers product personalisation through paint customisation. The range also incorporates the latest engine designs and offers Stage V engines options for all machines.

Mark Jones, managing director of Dando Drilling International, said: "I am delighted to introduce Infinity range, created by our brilliant team of designers and engineers. The industry-leading design was created with our customers in mind, offering versatility, cost efficiency and shorter lead times. With almost infinite permutations, Dando's Infinity range offers truly bespoke rigs."