Epiroc inaugurates heat treatment plant in Sweden

Epiroc, the global market manufacturer of drill rigs and hydraulic breakers for the quarrying and mining industries, is inaugurating a new modern heat treatment plant for rock drills in the Swedish city of Örebro.   
Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / April 18, 2023
By Liam McLoughlin
The Epiroc COP SC25-HF rock drill
The Epiroc COP SC25-HF rock drill

The Sweden-based company says heat treatment is an essential part of rock drill manufacturing. The new heat treatment plant, built through an expansion of the current workshop building, is designed to benefit customers by further strengthening rock drill quality and performance, lowering their total cost of ownership. It will also enable higher production volumes.

Production at the 1,400m2 heat treatment plant will be able to run 24 hours a day thanks to automation. Energy efficiency is a key focus for the design; for example, residual heat will be recycled internally to heat buildings as well as externally to Örebro’s local heating system. The building also has solar panels.   

“This new heat treatment plant is a key step towards ensuring that our world-class manufacturing site in Örebro will remain as productive and competitive as possible for the long term, and it was designed to optimise energy efficiency,” says Helena Hedblom, Epiroc’s president and CEO.

Örebro is one of Epiroc’s global manufacturing hubs. The company employs about 2,900 people in the city, out of a global workforce of around 17,000.

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