Velroq for online-only quality value spare parts for surface rock drills

Breaking, Drilling & Blasting / October 13, 2022
By Guy Woodford
Velroq is targeting users of older surface rock drills said to often fall through the cracks of the standard OEM service offering

Velroq is a new Swedish company targeting users of older surface rock drills for construction applications.

Velroq is initially offering parts for Sandvik surface rock drills typically found on construction sites


Initially offering parts for Sandvik surface rock drills typically found on building sites, Velroq says its market is clients cost-conscious about the parts they fit on their machines. They are users of out-of-warranty surface drock drills that have different needs to OEMs’ usual customer base and are described by Velroq as a substantial and often overlooked market segment.


Velroq says although OEMs offer personalised services they are often at a cost that is often out of reach of older drill users. The company says it provides the same quality OEM parts but without the frills, meaning that customers find what they need at the website and service the drills themselves in return for lower prices. 


Velroq has a wide range of spare parts, remanufactured components and genuine OEM rock drill parts – sufficient to become a one-stop shop for customers.


The Velroq website makes it easy to find parts, with customers paying upfront when they order. If the part is needed urgently, Velroq can arrange for it to be delivered the next day. Velroq stresses that no-frills does not mean no support – if there is a problem with an order returning parts is said to be simple and hassle-free, with a full refund for wrong parts. 


Initially targeting customers in Sweden – Velroq will soon operate in multiple European countries and ultimately expand its offering into a global service. The well-financed start-up is expanding its parts catalogue and adding to the functionality of its website daily.