McCloskey Environmental expands recycling & environmental solutions

One year after launching the brand, McCloskey Environmental’s global growth is driving its expansion into fast-developing markets, including North America.
Screening Static & Mobile / January 13, 2023
By Guy Woodford
A year on from its launch, McCloskey Environmental’s global growth is fuelling its expansion into fast-developing markets, including North America

The world is facing major challenges, and North America is no exception. The USA is one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries of the 21st century. However, there is a way to go to reach the potential of an advanced program of organic and waste recycling. Initiatives like the National Recycling Strategy and the recent announcement of funding for major compost infrastructure development included in a federal funding bill are driving the development of long-term solutions and the resulting need for efficient, highly productive equipment to achieve them.
McCloskey Environmental partners with companies that have the expertise to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for their customers. Recent appointments for distributors across North America will ensure appropriate expertise and support for the full range of products, including shredders, trommels, and stackers. Products introduced in 2022, including the ES-250 and ESS-300 shredders, are already assisting in diverting millions of tonnes of waste from landfill, building on McCloskey’s 35+ years of designing and manufacturing industry-leading trommels, crushers, screeners and stackers working in a variety of applications.
“Our customer-driven approach to product development has led us to invest significantly in the establishment of this new business unit, focused on the design and manufacture of high-quality recycling equipment,” said Niko Lamminmäki, Head of McCloskey Environmental. “The products produced by McCloskey Environmental will deliver significant advantages to customers, including lower cost of ownership, lower cost of production, and ease of operation and maintenance.”

McCloskey Environmental pic
McCloskey Environmental took part in the 2022 staging of the USCC Compost Council's annual event. Pic: USCC Compost Council

It is estimated that more than 12 billion tons of waste are generated each year in the United States. McCloskey Environmental’s commitment to contributing to solutions for this sector is clear as they highlight new and upcoming products at the USCC Compost Council’s annual event and Demo Day on January 24-27, 2023, in Ontario, California. 

Lamminmäki continued: "Municipalities and producers are seeking modern, flexible and cost-effective waste processing solutions. The products developed by McCloskey Environmental will deliver significant advantages to their operations, including lower cost of ownership, lower cost of production, and ease of operation and maintenance.”

The above advantages are paired with the need to meet the increasingly stringent regulations being introduced worldwide. McCloskey Environmental is in the perfect position to provide recycling products and solutions to assist customers in meeting these standards. Over the past twelve months, a team of highly skilled and experienced Design Engineers have developed an impressive range of smart solutions that achieve higher levels of efficiency than required.
Lamminmäki concludes: “Looking ahead, we are very optimistic about the future of this division and the strong position that we are entering 2023 with. We have an exciting list of product introductions and strong partnership announcements in the coming months for the North American marketplace.”