CDE to commission major recycling plant in Canada

Locally-owned concrete, asphalt and aggregate recycling firm Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc. (CAR) has announced a major investment in the development of a new C&D waste recycling plant as it reaffirms its commitment to building a sustainable future, underpinned by state-of-the-art technology.
Washing & Water Management / March 23, 2022
By Guy Woodford
An overview of the CDE plant setup for Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc., set to become operational later this year

Designed and engineered by wet processing industry experts CDE, the plant will be utilised to process construction and demolition waste and contaminated soils, one of Alberta’s most abundant waste streams.

Set to be commissioned at CAR’s existing recycling facility in southeast Calgary, the wash plant will be the first of its kind in Calgary and one of a few plants CDE have installed in North America – CDE have similar plants commissioned in the state of New York in 2020, with the second Maryland in 2022. 

When operational in the fall of 2022, CAR’s soil refuse facility will be able to recycle up to 600,000 tons of excavated material annually, diverting significant volumes of high-value construction materials from landfill and channelling them back into the construction industry as premium recycled sand and aggregate products.

Commenting on the project, CDE’s business development manager for Canada, Adrian Convery, says: “We are privileged to work alongside Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc. to deliver a major C&D waste recycling system in Canada. The resulting solution will represent all that we strive for in pursuit of a circular economy, facilitating the diversion of vast tonnages of material from landfill, transforming them into high-grade recycled sand and aggregates for the construction industry, while simultaneously restoring land for future use and driving down CO2 emissions.”

Enabled by CDE processing technology, CAR’s soil refuse solution will divert over 510,000 tons of soil from landfill and reduce carbon emissions in Alberta by an estimated 22,567 tons annually.

Calgary Aggregate Recycling Inc. president Travis Powell says: “At Calgary Aggregate, our mission is to reduce the cost of construction – socially, environmentally and economically.

“With the support from ERA (Emissions Reduction Alberta) and the Government of Alberta, we are pleased to construct Calgary’s first C&D waste recycling plant to disrupt the out-of-date practices in the construction industry with economical and viable solutions to position Alberta as a leader in sustainable and responsible construction.”

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