MEKA Global’s never mild in its passion for sand-washing excellence

MEKA Global’s (MCSP Series) Compact Sand Plant is a special fine sand and ore-washing process unit held in high regard globally – from New Zealand to the United States.
Washing / February 14, 2020
MEKA compact sand plant
MEKA compact sand plant

The introduction of sand-washing equipment is widely accepted as the key factor in ensuring the highest value product from your plant. A compact sand plant is designed for aggregates producers who need to market a tightly graded product to support their existing operations while reducing the volume of fines material sent to a settling pond. A fourth-generation hydrocyclone efficiently separates silt and clay from the valuable fine sand. In keeping with its name, a compact sand plant’s collection tank, centrifugal slurry pump, hydrocyclone(s) and dewatering screen are mounted on a single frame.

Drawing on MEKA Global’s 32 years of engineering expertise and industry experience, MEKA Compact Sand Plants range from 70-320 tonnes/hour capacity. All units comprise a sump tank, heavy-duty slurry pump, high-efficiency hydrocyclone, and a robust dewatering screen.

A minimum footprint, easy container-based transporting, simple and fast installation (if place and electricity is ready the unit can be installed and ready to run in under eight hours), very straightforward maintenance, and the consistent supply of drip-free, clean and ready-to-sell product are all highly attractive features of the MEKA Compact Sand Plant.   

Already being used by and benefiting customers in a wide range of countries, including New Zealand, Poland and the United States, the MEKA Compact Sand Plant is an effective system that enables the washing, dewatering and classification of fines material in a single process.

For producing standard, clean and washed aggregates/ores, MEKA Global offers a wide range of washers capable of operating with many applications. A complete line of sand and aggregates washing equipment recently added to the company’s broad product portfolio, requiring superior engineering knowledge and special fabrication capabilities, has attracted a great deal of attention worldwide due to its great efficiency and premium components.

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