Marangoni plant gets environmental certification

The ISO 14001 environmental quality certification has been renewed for the plant in Rovereto, Italy operated by off-road tyre retread specialist Marangoni.
Ancillary Equipment / November 24, 2021
By Liam McLoughlin
Marangoni retread products at its factory in Rovereto
Marangoni retread products at its factory in Rovereto

Marangoni says the Certiquality certification body renewed the certification having deemed the plant compliant with globally recognised high standards of quality.

The group adds that one of its priorities in all its plants, has always been to respect the environment and reduce the impact of production activities on the local area.

"Such a commitment is consistent with the company’s mission, which is to actively contribute, by offering sustainable solutions for the tyre industry and the goods transport and passenger transport sectors, to the transition from linear to circular economy, thus ensuring a more efficient use of our planet’s resources," Marangoni said in a statement.

The company successfully renewed the ISO 14001 certification for the Rovereto plant following a thorough audit of its Environmental Management System which it says, in addition to being constantly updated, is also a useful tool for the whole organisation as it is intended to support its conscious and ongoing commitment to compliance with regulations, risk prevention and continuous process improvement.

Marangoni says the result achieved is an important acknowledgement of its voluntary decision to have an external party (in this case, the certifying body Certiquality) audit its procedures in order to certify its compliance with globally recognised high standards of quality.

It adds: "Tyre retreading is now arguably the most virtuous example of circular economy in the sector, since it allows 80% of raw materials and 70% of energy and CO2 emissions to be saved when compared to the production of new tyres."

Based on the data collected by leading industry associations, Marangoni has calculated that, at a global level, tyre retreading prevents 4.5 million tonnes of tyres and nearly 4 billion litres of oil and derivatives from being released into the environment every year and allows the transport industry to save approximately €9bn, thereby generating a local value-added business that minimises the need to import expensive raw materials.

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