GB asphalt market at 28mn tonnes last year, according to new BDS report

Asphalt Plants, Equipment & Applications / November 7, 2022
By Guy Woodford
A Tarmac Asphalt2Go plant in Newhaven, East Sussex. Pic: Neil Wraight

Great Britain's aggregates market was around 28 million tonnes in size in 2021, an increase of 3 million tonnes compared to the previous year.


The headline finding is contained in BDS's new report, Estimated Outputs of Asphalt Plants in Great Britain. The 2021 report is an update of a report produced annually for over 25 years that provides output estimates and market share information for every asphalt plant and producing company operating in the UK.


The latest report confirms the asphalt market has gradually recovered after witnessing a sharp fall in outputs in 2020 due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asphalt laying
Asphalt laying. Pic: Heidelberg Materials



Over 30 asphalt-producing companies are identified in the report, operating around 260 asphalt plants across Great Britain. In 2021, Tarmac continued to be the leading producer of asphalt in Great Britain and, alongside three other key asphalt producers (Aggregate Industries, Hanson and Breedon), jointly account for nearly 80% of the total British asphalt market.


The report provides analysis and estimates down to individual plant levels, summarised at county, regional and national levels, including market shares by company.


Annually, BDS produces a suite of output-focused reports detailing estimated outputs and market share information for a range of sectors, including:


  • Pits & Quarries and Marine Wharves in Great Britain (2021)
  • Ready Mix Concrete companies in Great Britain (2021)
  • Movements of Aggregates from Rail Depots in Great Britain (2021)


To find out more about the Estimated Outputs of Asphalt Plants in Great Britain report or to purchase a copy, email [email protected]. More information on the suite of outputs reports produced by BDS can be found on the BDS Website.

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