Guatemalan contractor adds larger Lintec CDP14001M as road construction picks up

Guasueca S.A., one of Guatemala’s leading equipment dealers, has sold one of its customers a second continuous asphalt mixing plant from Lintec & Linnhoff. The Lintec CDP14001M joins the customer’s existing Lintec CDP5001M, the smallest in this range.
Asphalt Plants, Equipment & Applications / November 7, 2023
By Guy Woodford
The Lintec CDP14001M Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant sold by Lintec distributor Guasueca supports road rehabilitation projects in Cobán, central Guatemala. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

The plant was immediately dispatched to support road rehabilitation projects in Cobán, central Guatemala, over 200km from Guasueca’s HQ in Guatemala City as soon as it arrived.

Cobán is Guatemala’s fourth largest city and a popular eco-tourism and coffee-growing area, set at an elevation of 1,320m. It is exposed to a constantly humid climate and has a high chance of rainfall on any given day, making working conditions variable and uncertain. For the next eight months, the Lintec CDP14001M will perform a road rehabilitation role on a 5km section of the Oce-003-2022 road network right in the heart of this busy city.

“The customer’s prior experience with the Lintec CDP5001M gave them confidence in the superb mobility and high productivity of Lintec plants. So they had no hesitation in selecting the Lintec CDP14001M for this important project to improve traffic flow in Cobán’s urban areas,” explains Sr. Jaime Sales, Gerente General, Guasueca. “The customer also appreciates how easy it is to move this compactly-designed plant to different projects. It is an ideal choice for congested locations and delivers effortless production of up to 140 tonnes of high-quality asphalt every hour.”

Lintec & Linnhoff Guatemala
The Lintec CDP14001M joins Guasueca S.A.'s existing Lintec CDP5001M. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

The Lintec CDP14001M Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant is conceptualised for quick, easy set-up and dismantling, including the ability to be assembled on compacted ground without needing concrete foundations. It is particularly well-suited for short-term projects or mobilisation from one project to another. As the second-largest model in Lintec’s mobile CDP range, it is also perfect for stationary use, possibly integrating three 6m3 or four 7.5 m3 aggregate bins to tailor the configuration to local conditions. A 40,000-litre bitumen tank and 20,000-litre fuel tank ensure it can operate self-sufficiently.

Production of the finest quality hot-mix asphalt is ensured using the latest automatic control system software with manual override, along with the robust and durable twin-shaft mixer that enables precise, repeatable output.

With an area of 370m2, the Lintec CDP14001M’s baghouse filter ensures a low rate of particulate emissions, aiding compliance with local environmental emission regulations. A further environmental benefit comes with the option of a cold recycling system that can use up to 15% of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material, conserving natural resources.

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