Panama contractor branches out into asphalt supply with Lintec

The Lintec CDP14001M continuous asphalt mixing plant's claimed ideal combination of high quality and exceptional value is said to have proved decisive when one of Panama's most respected contractors was scouring the market for a continuous asphalt mixing plant.
Asphalt Plants, Equipment & Applications / June 7, 2023
By Guy Woodford
IPC Panama’s Lintec CDP14001M asphalt continuous plant at the job site outside Panama City. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

Weighing up at least two competing proposals, Panama City-based Ingenieria PC S.A. (IPC) found the Lintec model to be the most attractive and soon acquired its first-ever machine from Lintec & Linnhoff.

The CDP14001M was put to work in October 2020, supporting IPC's projects such as new road and rehabilitation works on the outskirts of Panama City, most notably in the Penonomé area, where the company maintains several road contracts under the MOP (Ministry of Public Works of Panama).

Aside from its years of experience managing road-building projects, IPC is also active in various infrastructure work. This includes bridge construction, sanitary and stormwater works, and general engineering tasks – activities for which it produces many of the required raw materials. In addition to supplying sand, IPC operates state-of-the-art crushing and screening equipment to provide high-quality aggregates of all sizes for making various concrete and asphalt mixtures.

The Lintec CDP14001M continuous asphalt mixing plant gradually transitioned to supply hot mix asphalt to third parties. This service is facilitated by the CDP14001 M's built-in chassis, which allows for fast remobilisation and other features that promote easy set-up and dismantling. This makes it especially suitable for short-term projects. The base of the plant is rigid and stable on suitably compacted soil, so there is no need for concrete foundations. The plant can also be adapted to include a cold recycling system that further conserves natural resources by using up to 15% of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) material.

Lintec & Linnhoff plant
Designed to sit on suitable compacted soil, the Lintec CDP14001M requires no concrete foundation, which is an excellent choice for short-term projects. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

"We have very promising expectations for production in the short- to medium term, both for our projects and supplying the needs of prospective customers. Therefore the incredible ease of mobility that results from the plant being entirely transportable in just two trailers will be a major advantage," said Andres Posam, director and partner IPC. "Its high-quality components and exceptional filtering capacity ensure the reliable production of a consistently homogeneous mixture. This was instrumental in creating many kilometres of superior road surfaces over the past two years."

As the second-largest model in the range, the CDP14001M boasts a maximum 140tph hot-mix-asphalt output. Its twin-shaft mixer, aided by the latest operating software, ensures precise control of the asphalt mix quality. It also suffers far fewer problems with wear and tear due to its robust construction from highly durable alloy. Compliance with local environmental emission regulations is enabled with a baghouse filter that greatly reduces particulates entering the atmosphere.

Lintec & Linnhoff plant for IPC in Panama City
The Lintec CDP14001M complies with local emissions regulations using a baghouse filter that significantly reduces particulate emissions. Pic: Lintec & Linnhoff

The Lintec CDP continuous asphalt plant range comprises capacities spanning 20-40tph. The CDP4000C is the only containerised plant in the range with a capacity of 20 to 40tph. Its main components are in-built within an ISO-certified sea container for easy, economical shipping and land transport. After installation, the plant operates within the container, offering a pleasant industrial look to the jobsite. Due to its containerised feature, the plant's operating noise and dust emissions will be confined within its walls.             

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