Firmatek provides Turner Mining with drone solutions to streamline billing

November 5, 2018

Firmatek says its drone solutions has helped Turner Mining streamline the billing and reconciliation process for their clients.

Turner Mining has a recognised ‘third-party number’ which provides an alternative to disputes about how much volume was moved, the company adds.

According to Firmatek, the technology also helped Turner Mining improve safety, decrease down time and reduce disputes, the company adds.

In June, Firmatek launched a software development department to help improve customer experience and improve its offerings.

Lauren Elmore, Firmatek’s president, says: “This marks a significant shift in building our abilities to maintain and improve our client experience with internal resources. These internal capabilities will allow us to better serve our clients and build the experience that they need in order to best utilise the insights we provide in their businesses.

The company confirmed the department is being led by Johnathan Leppert, who will mainly develop and manage Firmatek’s client portal with a focus on visualisation tools, automation and machine learning.