DXB Pump & Power launches new Stage V pumpset

DXB Pump & Power has launched its new 300mm, Stage 5 emission-compliant portable pumpset for high-volume dewatering jobs and flood control in quarries and mines. The pumpset integrates the world-class Cornell high-flow pump and a Scania 13-litre 300kw engine to develop over 1700m³/hr flow rates while still passing solids up to almost 100mm, often seen in open-lagoon conditions.
June 9, 2020
DXB pump

Packaged in a sound-attenuated canopy with integrated four-point lifting and optional hook lift skid, the pumpset is said by DXB Pump & Power to offer the highest performing 300mm pumpset on the UK and European markets. The pumpset contains some novel features including its own in-house telemetry systems that allow quarries, hire companies and DXB Pump & Power itself to monitor the performance and health of the engine and pump 24 hours a day anywhere in the world, including the ability to send urgent communications to all parties concerned.

Containing over 1,000 hours of research and development, Simon Ruffles, managing director of DXB Pump & Power, describes the new pumpset as a market-changing piece of equipment that lays the foundation for large, environmentally friendly pumpsets in the UK, assisting industries such as quarries and mines to achieve lower carbon emissions in 2020, especially those that currently have older equipment.


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