Help the fightback against COVID-19 by signing up for free Command Alkon eTicketing Essentials

Unprecedented times call for an unprecedented offer.
April 15, 2020

In conjunction with guidance from federal U.S. and state agencies to enforce social distancing and limit person-to-person interactions and paper handling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Command Alkon is offering eTicketing Essentials via its CONNEX Platform for free until 1 January 2021.

The American supplier collaboration platform for heavy construction and quarrying customers says the combination of its free eTicketing Essentials and business partner HCSS’ Trucking software removes the need for person-to-person paper-based collection of both material and truck tickets.

HCSS Trucking enables contractors to track trucks on the jobsite and digitally record loads and timecards via a tablet or smartphone. When used alongside Command Alkon’s eTicketing Essentials offer, users receive electronic tickets for both materials and trucks all in one place.

eticket phone mockNow, all North American customers that sign up for eTicketing Essentials by 30th June 2020 can use it and the accompanying Trucking software without charge for the rest of 2020.

While being introduced in North America initially, the free Command Alkon eTicketing Essentials will soon be made available across the globe to customers in markets where construction is deemed as essential and continuing.

Command Alkon CEO Phil Ramsey said: “The heavy construction community needs digital capabilities across their supply chains now more than ever.

“We are grateful to have an exceptional partner like HCSS and we welcome them joining free eTicketing Essentials to expand the offer’s value for the industry. Our combined efforts will provide a more end-to-end solution to better serve all stakeholders: material producers, suppliers, haulers, and contractors alike.”

To adopt free eTicketing Essentials via Command Alkon’s CONNEX Platform, materials suppliers with existing Command Alkon ticketing and dispatch systems install a CONNEX connector behind the scenes, with minimal to no disruption to existing workflows. Material suppliers can allow their buyers to connect, share ticket data, and digitally collaborate on projects. Inversely, buyers can connect and request their suppliers to share their ticket data.

The free sign up by 30th June 2020 eTicketing Essentials offer includes eTicket data and eProof of Delivery (ePOD) made available in real-time, via the cloud, from material ticketing and dispatch systems already in use in the field.

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